Chronicles of an Anglo Swiss

Mr. Swiss found there were a few things we forgot when shopping. It was afternoon, after my golden oldie sleep and so I said I would come a well. A rare occurrence for me in the afternoon, but my blogging can wait, life is not only computers after all – or is it? We departed and instead of turning left at the entrance to the main road Mr. Swiss turned right. Was he going to kidnap me? No, he explained he would drive via Günsberg and Balm. Of course, this says nothing to anyone here, but to me and Mr.Swiss it does. Mr. Swiss grew up in Niederwil, which is almost Günsberg and sort of the beginning of climbing up the Jura.

Günsberg is just a small village, but Balm is a little higher and smaller. the weather was not cloudy, but also not exactly bright sunshine.There was enough light for some…

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