The Cat Chronicles


“Look Mrs. Human.”


“On that twig on the apple tree.”

“Which twig Tabby, there are many.”

“Just look, you can see it, a nice juicy grasshopper, one of the last of the season. It is quite obvious, it just jumps into your vision when you look.”

“I cannot see it Tabby, it must be very small.”

“No, just normal grasshopper size. And look at that fly on the grass.”

“Tabby, the only fly I can see is the one of the kitchen window and he will not last long if I have anything to do with it. I really cannot see a fly on a grass stalk.”

“That is because you humans wouldn’t see a fly if it sat on your nose. Just a minute, I must pounce. Yes, got it and that was very tasty.”

“What is that sticking out of your mouth Tabby?”

“The remains of the…

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