Chronicles of an Anglo Swiss

So where shall I begin? Perhaps yesterday evening when Mr. Swiss called and said “take a look at the moon.”

“The moon? already a full moon, is there a vampire winging its way across the garden, or do we have an invasion of glow worms?”

I am prepared for everything in this wide-eyed environment, but now in his charming golden oldie age he is moonstruck. Why not, a few minutes gazing at the moon hand in hand makes a change from looking at the TV.

“And bring your camera” he added. All romantic visions disappeared, destroyed by a simple down to earth comment.

Hiding my disappointment I answered “but I don’t do moon pictures. I have to make special settings on the camera. One tiny shake with my hand and I have a blurred moon, looking like a mouldy orange.”

“No, it is not full moon” he answered so I…

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