The Cat Chronicles


”Tabby what are you doing?”

“I am gathering inspiration for some scientific feline knowledge.”

“With a bowl of water and a mobile phone. That will be a dull feline analysis.”

“Mrs. Human that is not just water. It is the essence of a feline life. Are you aware of the various mixtures of minerals that are contained in just one paw of water.”

“No Tabby, but I am sure you are about to tell me.”

“Meowing all the facts is too much, even for a super intelligent feline like myself. You can read my notes afterwards on my pawphone. I am making an analysis on a daily basis.”

“But who is going to be interested Tabby?”

“Butch, Roschti, Tiddles, Django and Daisy, just to name a few members of my Analytical group. We are all testing the water by paw and exchange the facts over our pawphones. Afterwards we will…

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