Chronicles of an Anglo Swiss

Chicken in supermarket

“Mum look at that ugly chicken.”

“I am not ugly, I won the prize for the best chicken in the coup if you must know.”

“Who said that?”

“I did, the chicken you said was ugly.”

“Come on Priscilla, who are you talking to?”

“That ugly chicken perched next to the candles.”

“He is not a real chicken, just stuffed and stuffed chickens don’t talk.”

“Of course I can talk.”

“See mum, he is talking again.”

“I didn’t hear anything. I have to buy some more things, so stay where you are and don’t move. I will pick you up afterwards.”

“Ok, chicken, mum has gone and she did not believe that you can talk. She even said you was a dead chicken.”

“If I was a dead chicken I couldn’t talk, now could I.”

“I suppose so. Did you lay all those eggs over there.”

“No, I did not…

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