Chronicles of an Anglo Swiss

“Morticia what are you doing?”

“I am painting Drac.”

“You are doing what? Vampires do not paint, unless in red and we decided to spend a quiet night at home with no excitement.”

“It is my new hobby Drac. Instead of sitting around and knitting new socks for the Winter months.”

“But I love new socks, they keep my feet nice and warm.”

“I gave you a new pair for your 650th birthday and it was so difficult to get the colour of the bat wings correct.You have only worn them twice.”

“I know, but bats with pink wings are not my thing.”

“Sorry, but I had run out of red wool at the time. Anyhow I have to concentrate on my painting.”

“Why a painting? We have a painting of Primrose, my favourite were wolf and I do not want it to be removed from the wall above my…

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