Life is great

My first boss had a peculiar sense of humour. We had formed a great team together. Lots of laughs. Nice time together. We were working in a newsroom of a newspaper in our city, but the main newsroom was in a bigger city, 200 km away.

The managers decided to cut expenses and close our newsroom with its six journalists and its administrative staff, leaving only one correspondent and a commercial. We had heard about that plan, when a manager announced a visit to our newsroom. His mission was to communicate the layoffs. To tell us one by one: “you are fired.” Devastating.

Before he arrived, my boss called a meeting and took us to a toys shop. We bought balloons, garlands , streamers , confetti , party blowers , firecrackers and things like that. Then we went to the wine shop and bought two bottles of Champaign. Finally we…

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