Chronicles of an Anglo Swiss


The week-end was around the corner and so plans were being made for the hungry requirements of the family.

“What about Saturday evening?” I asked

No. 1 son suggested Chile con Carne. No. 1 son is autistic and knows that as custom goes, the cook (me) often serves chile con carne on Saturday evening. It belongs to Saturday evening. And so on Friday the various ingredients were bought, including one of those very sharp red hot peppers to give it an oomph in taste. Saturday arrived and the remainders were bought by the cook’s husband. Unfortunately he forgot the bread. Now in this family bread is a very important component to the chilli con carne. Some might eat it with rice, even pasta, but in this family it is eaten with a fresh, crusty, white bread. It is a custom. No. 1 son always pays a visit to town on…

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