Chronicles of an Anglo Swiss

I want a new watch. I cannot really say I need a new watch, but I have been living from Swatch for the past couple of years.

New Swatch

Swatch do not last forever and the one in the photo has already broken the third strap. I then remembered by faithful Jordi ethnic Swiss watch that were made in the various designs of the Swiss Kantons. It was a Christmas present from Mr. Swiss many years ago and had the design for Kanton Schwyz. I found it in its original box, and it was still working. I made the necessary adjustments to the hands and date and decided to wear it again, it is nostalgic, a blast from my watch past.

watch 006

Another member of my watch collection is this special example I bought on a flight from London to Zürich. I saw it in the catalogue, the price was right – another…

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