Chronicles of an Anglo Swiss

Royal Envelope

“There’s a letter here for you in the post, looks quite important.”

“Let’s see what it says – not every day that I get an envelope that looks like that, perhaps the post have now got a new theme.

“Dear Madam

It has come to our notice that you are one of our most faithful subjects. It would be an honour to have your presence at our next tea party, taking place in two weeks time where you will be awarded with our certificate showing you to be an honourable member of our group.

with my best regards

Sir John Smith


Dress: suitable for the occasion.”

George, look, I have made it, I am invited to the queen’s tea party. What shall I wear?”

“Show me. Who is Sir John Smith? Never heard of him, and the address on the invitation is not exactly Buckingham Palace, but a hotel…

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