Chronicles of an Anglo Swiss

Typewriters Pintli Feldbrunnen

“I don’t feel safe sitting here outside at all.”

“Stop complaining Remington, at least we are still alive. The rest of us were thrown on the scrap heap a long while ago.”

“Not all of us, the exclusive models with value were kept in museums. Most of my relations were considered to be something special.”

“There she goes again, just because she is called Royal she thinks she is something special. I am a Hermes and remember the days when I was something important. I was kept in a newspaper office you know.”

“So tell us all about it just to calm you down. Your keys are already shivering with nervosity.”

“Nervosity my ribbon, I am cold outside here between the bushes. My big break was writing all about the Hindenburg disaster in 1937 when the airship exploded. Oh, they were the days. I was a proud Hermes.”

“That’s nothing…

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