Chronicles of an Anglo Swiss

Migros, Langendorf

I have a lively programme daily, especially in the morning. I leap out of bed and make a crash landing on the floor. For that reason I have cut out the leaping and now sit on the bed and do a body check to see what limbs are or are not working. I then retrieve my computer that has been sleeping through the night, wake him up and take him to the breakfast table.

“But be careful with the milk this morning. Your hand tends to shake so early in the morning and I get drips between my keys.”

“Oh shut up computer, we are now going on a journey together.”

“Drink the tea when you are finished. I don’t like tea stains on my body, Otherwise I will stop the “o” an “i” working again.”

Computers are never satisfied are they? After jogging through my blogs, mails, Facebook and…

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