Chronicles of an Anglo Swiss

Close-up Station clock Solothurn

“Double, bubble hours and scubble
time to give the humans trouble”

“What are you going on about Digitala. We are not going to give any trouble. We are the white witches, the ones that give kindness.”

“So any good suggestion Wisteria. I am running out.”

“I have it, let’s give the humans an extra hour’s sleep.”

“Do what?”

“Yes, no problem. It was Belladonna that stole an hour in Spring and I know for a fact that a few humans are still looking for that hour.”

“You don’t mean Mrs. Angloswiss by any chance?”

“Yes, definitely, she is complaining most of the time about this and that and I am sure it is because of the hour she is missing. She wants to stay in bed in the morning, she is worried, she stares at her mobile phone for hours waiting for it to jump backwards.”

“So I have to…

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