Chronicles of an Anglo Swiss


“What do you think Cynthia: my newest masterpiece.”

“Looks like a group of blue cows to me sitting on blue grass Cedric. I hope you are not hanging that one of the wall in the living room. I had enough of the green spaghetti hanging in the kitchen. Every time I serve spaghetti I have to turn the picture to face the wall.”

“Oh, I thought you would like it, but don’t worry, I was going to hang it in the bedroom.”

“No Cedric, I do not want blue cows hovering in my bedroom, but I have an idea. Let’s give it to your mother for Christmas. I am sure she would love it.”

“My mother is a vegetarian and I am sure she would not appreciate it. By the way did I tell you that when I showed it to Farmer Giles in the village, he was totally enthusiastic…

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