Chronicles of an Anglo Swiss


“What am I supposed to do?”

“Run through the fire of course.”

“But that’s dangerous, I could get burnt.”

“Do you want to be a village fireman or not?”

“When I volunteered, no-one told me that I would have to run through a wall of fire. I thought I would be climbing ladders and sort of rescuing people in distress. There was no talk of an actual fire.”

“We are called firemen, and without a fire we cannot be firemen, so run now.”

“But it looks very dangerous and I can feel the heat from here.”

“That’s is why you are dressed in fireproof clothing, with a helmet and protective gloves. Otherwise you would get burnt. Fred, you will never become a fire fighter if you do not fight the fire.”

“Perhaps you could put the fire out first, then I would risk it. I don’t mind running over hot…

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