Chronicles of an Anglo Swiss

Partially true and a little bit of imagination

Swiss Money

It must have been in the seventies and my parents were on holiday, staying with me in Switzerland. They lived in London, England. I was preparing the washing machine.

“Mum, do you have anything to wash?”

“Yes and I think your dad also has a shirt. Here it is.”

Dad was not around to ask, but I could not wait, so we bundled the washing into the machine and started the programme. It was then a distraught dad entered the kitchen where the washing machine was running.

“Have you seen my shirt?”

“Mum said to put it in the washing machine.”

“Stop the machine.” He had gone a whiter shade of pale. “I put my Swiss money in the pocket of my shirt.”

My dad grew up at a time when you did not automatically put your money in a wallet, you…

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