Chronicles of an Anglo Swiss

Places of Execution, Feldbrunnen

Although it is a topic generator, I sometimes think that it can read my thoughts, as I pulled the words “Graceful Stroke” today. Once a month, usually Sunday morning, our village organises a lecture about something. I do not go regularly, but often an author is invited that has written a book in connection with our area which is of interest. I marked today’s lecture in my diary as “must go” and after leaving Mr. Swiss and No. 1 son to themselves, I departed for the village museum which is just around the corner. Everything is just around the corner in my village of Feldbrunnen. The title of today’s lecture was Place of Execution, Feldbrunnen.

A couple of years ago they built an apartment house next to mine and uncovered a couple of skeletons as they were digging a large hole for the fundaments. There was a newspaper article, I…

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