Chronicles of an Anglo Swiss


“There’s a wasp in my salad.”

“Then remove it.”

“Ooh, it is hiding under a leaf.”

“Don’t be so fussy.”

“Huh, and what if I had eaten it.”

“It’s only a wasp, remove it.”

“Are you out of your mind. It might sting me. I remember once when I had a beer in an outside restaurant and I had a wasp in my mouth that had submerged itself in the beer. It stung me. I had to go straight to the drug store oposite.

“I remember, he gave you some stuff to apply and everything was fine after the big fuss you made.”

“It was not a big fuss, I could have died.”

“It takes more than a wasp sting to kill you I am sure.”

“Look I have now shaken the wasp out of the salad. Be careful, it is very unsteady.”

“I can see it, poor little thing…

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