Chronicles of an Anglo Swiss

Path River Aar

If you see a tree in Switzerland with this golden diamond marked on the trunk, then you know you are on the right path to beautiful scenery and quiet moments on a healthy, relaxing walk and so I decided to follow the hiking trail.

It was along the banks of the local River Aar where swans and ducks paddle side by side, with their heads buried in the river searching for something edible. There were even cows parked along the side of the river to complete the picturesque scenery. The cows were busy munching grass and having a peaceful few hours before retiring to the stall for the night.

Cows by the Rvier Aar

What could be more perfect, it was pure nature and then I heard a rushing sound in my ears and human voices. I stepped to one side and two bicycles passed me, each of the riders with a dog lead in…

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