Chronicles of an Anglo Swiss

Shop Window, Halloween Dress, Rochester“So get ready, you are the chosen dress this evening.”

“But you wore me last week, let’s give it a rest.”

“Does not come into the question. Drippy Mode made you especially for me. Why she even wove some spider threads into the seam and those buttons are genuine ground snail shells from the dark island.”

“I know, and it looks very good, but those snail shells keep moving. First of all they are in neat rows and suddenly they do a figure of eight. And as for the necklace?”

“What’s wrong with the necklace?”

“Drippy could have killed the spider before she coated it in fool’s gold. It is constantly moving around my neck.”

“Tonight I want to look especially good. I have a date with the Grim Reaper.”

“Oh, not him again.”

“What’s wrong with him, he protects me from all sorts of evil shapes.”

“Of course, he…

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