Chronicles of an Anglo Swiss

Shadows of a chair in the kitchen

A basket can be something for fruit, for flowers, even for gifts, but it can have a negative use. The word “basket” in the place where I grew up can have a negative slang meaning, but then almost everything had a negative slang meaning when you grow in the East End of London and speak cockney, the local dialect. However, I am straying from the point and perhaps in other english speaking countries the word “basket” also refers to an illegitimate offspring. In this context I think about the new development of our well known and loved by everyone “Google” in the computer world.

It seems that Google has joined the club of “repair it, even if it is not broken” computer gangs. Being a golden oldie I can still remember the days of Alta Vista and Yahoo. Didn’t we love those little search machines that found everything, although at…

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