My Author-itis

My wife and I both have older vehicles. Neither of them are exactly what you would call stylish or pretty to look at. At best they are plain and unassuming. Mine is probably downright hideous, considering its clear-coat has deteriorated to the point that it looks as if my car suffers from some kind of vehicular leprosy.

Despite their age and their homely appearance, they server their purpose. They take us from point a to point b without complaint. Their engines are old and dirty, as the engine of any well-used vehicle tends to be; but the grime of the road doesn?t diminish their functionality.

New vehicles might be more pleasant to look at. They might even have better performance and better gas mileage, but they also have a few things that our current vehicles don?t: sentimentality, familiarity, and most important, monthly loan payments.

Inspired by JNW?s Writing & Photo…

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