Chronicles of an Anglo Swiss

Kamikaze Bee

Where there is a camera, there is a way. Stormy permission was perhaps granted in the insect world, but a bee arrived in front of me on the table in the packing material of my organic rice waffle. There were only two crumbs remaining from the waffle, the remainder of my aprés golden oldie sleep snack. Suddenly there was a rustle and a plonk, or something like that and there was a bee laying on its back. I noticed it was still, not moving, probably dead. This was the result of a kamikaze flight into the unknown, spurred on by a whiff of organic rice.

The bee asked no permission from whatever stormy guidance lines exist for the flight of a bumble bee. It took its course, aiming for a positive result, but ignoring the dangers on the way. The flight was abruptly ended by a crash landing. Perhaps there was…

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