Chronicles of an Anglo Swiss

Big Fly

Well not quite indigo, but a wonderful figure of a man aren’t I. Note my wonderful compact eyes, thousands of receptors and believe me I don’t just see everything, but smell it as well. Just a minute – sorry had to swoop down, there was a slice of bread and jam on the table.

“Err, mummy, look a fly on my breakfast bread.”

“Yuck Jimmy, don’t eat it, I will kill it.”

Note the human mother said “kill it”, not “scare it away”, or “cut a smaller piece for the fly to eat”, no respect. No-one loves a fly, cannot understand it, we are such lovable little creatures. If it weren’t for us there would be a lot of unwanted organic matter laying around, but let us leave that side of things. I know humans at really want to know about it – unless of course it is part of the…

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