Very well written. I began to guess myself what his profession might be.

My Author-itis

He never liked to tell people what he did. ?Everyone gets the wrong impression of me,? was always his excuse when explaining why he didn?t want to discuss it. He went to work Monday through Friday, just like most everyone else. His job kept traditional banker?s hours, and he worked in a respectable looking office complex, but he always felt as though people treated him differently when they found out what he did. I never understood his fear of rejection. I?d known him for quite some time, and knew him to be a good person and a great friend. Never once did his chosen profession bother me. I tried to tell him that if he would give others a chance that he would have nothing to fear, but he was resolute in his decision to remain private about his work.

To some extent, his plan of remaining silent backfired on…

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