hahaha just brilliant. You had me on my toes.

Chronicles of an Anglo Swiss

Liver and broccoli

“What do you think. Fred?”

“It looks OK Boris, but something is missing. Perhaps a knife would be good to go with it.”

“You mean like this.”

knife halloween

“Perfect. It looks very realistic.”

“It is not realistic, it is real. Freshly killed today, remember it is Tuesday.”

“Ah yes, I almost forgot.”

And then it happened. It was not exactly popular with everyone, but then I suppose it was not everyone’s idea of a perfect result. It soon appeared throughout the town, on every street corner. It even hit the headlines in the newspaper “Beware of the attack of the Fierce Food.” Eventually it was in everyone’s thoughts.

“Did you hear about the Fierce Food?”

“Yes, you can even see it in the local park. I had to stop taking the kids, they were getting bad dreams and Joey refuses to eat meat. He said that vegetables would be safer.”


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