It must have been a great feeling to have accomplished the journey. You got some lovely photos too :)

Chronicles of an Anglo Swiss

It all began here, almost. Actually it began at home when Mr. Swiss, my other half, put the idea into my mind to take a walk: not just a walk, but a path we had not trod since ten years at least I suppose. It was then our younger more active days when there was no discussion about rheumatism, aches and pains in the joints or guidelines due to various golden oldie slow-down mechanisms. And so I agreed, although Mr. Angloswiss suddenly seemed to have concerns.

“it is quite steep and travels on the side paths where the going can be hazardous.”

“No problem, I would love to walk that path again.”

I had an encouraging appointment with the man of my life and hidden paths in the woods and already it was put into doubt. After some friendly persuasion Mr. Swiss decided to take the risk, although warning me…

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