How lovely and whimsical. Reminds me a tad of Alice in Wonderland.

Chronicles of an Anglo Swiss


“What is all the noise? I am a decorative gourd and need my beauty sleep to grow big and strong.”

“Oh, hello gourd, it’s just us. We have arrived and today is the day when we open up with a violet pop to show how good we are. It was worth waiting for.”

“Great, and how am I suppose to develop my talents with a noisy bunch like you. I was here first.”

“Yes, now that is true. Someone as big and ugly as you are needs time to develop. We are born beautiful, just look at our wonderful colours. We really pop. I am sure I saw a human taking photos of us.”

“She also took some photos of me when I arrived. I am already famous.”

“Yes, well I suppose you would be with your size and warts on your skin. Really something to be remembered. So what…

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