Oh, this is wonderful. I love their banter.

Chronicles of an Anglo Swiss

Romford Cemetery

Evening was drawing in at the Vlad and Morticia Drac residence when they heard the bell ring.

“I will go Vlad, are we expecting anyone?”

“No, the boys are now preparing to have a night out. Oh, wait a moment, I placed an order with Kind Red and it might be the delivery by VPS”

“Not again Vlad. Since I bought you that iPad for your 600th undead anniversary you are constantly ordering new things. The Vampire Parcel Service is a regular visitor.”

Morticia opened the door and sure enough it was VPS dressed in their smart black and red uniform with two large parcels. One of the parcels had the distinct form of a coffin.

“No, not another coffin. Vlad come and sign. Where are you going to put this coffin, you already have a nice deluxe model lined with bat fur. No self respecting vampire needs more than…

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