Can you imagine a world without sweet, furry, cuddly, messy, occasionally annoying, perfect, friends?

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 Different Thanks


                                                      Family Thanks Giving

Three dogs, paws up on the gate to the garage whenever I get home. The little one leaps up and down like some ballerina at the bar, the biggest with his irritating barks–loud and harsh and insistent—for whatever reason, be it mom’s arrival home or a dog who dares to pass by in the street. All of them escorting me to the door, attempting to help me with my bags and bundles.

The big dog sneaking into my room at night when he thinks I haven’t noticed. Wanting to be even closer than within eye-shot down the hall, he sleeps on the cold floor in lieu of his warm padded bed, perhaps because she wants to remind me that although the second dog is cleverer and handsomer and the newest dog is the littlest and most pleasant to have jump up on the…

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