Glad he stood up for his hens. Great, creative story :)

Chronicles of an Anglo Swiss

Harald the rooster

“My prize rooster” said farmer Fritz with tears in his eyes, as he pinned the medal for bravery in the site of the enemy on Harald’s feathers. The hens all clapped their wings in accordance and Harald was surrounded by reporters of the Chanticleer Newspaper for an exclusive interview.

“Yes it was a dark night and I and my seventy-two wives were sleeping, recovering from the daily egg laying session. I made my usual control inspection before laying my feathers to rest to ensure that all of my harem were present in the hen house. I then noticed that Gertrude was absent.”

*She went outside for a scratch” said Hilda.

“But that was some time ago.” I answered. My poultry wives are all equal, no matter how their egg laying amounts fare. It was then I saw a quick motion outside before our residence: something large and dark and above…

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