This is wonderful. I’ve never felt so moved by a story about a bicycle. Now I’m trying to determine if it’s for better or worse that she couldn’t read.

Life is great

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His first bicycle had been green, and he had had to share it with his three sisters. It was a Christmas present. The only gift of the year for all of them. It was really great. They usually had small toys as presents. But that year was different. They entered as always in the living room where they had the Christmas tree, in search for their presents, and found nothing but a nice card telling them that Santa had brought a gift so big it was impossible to put it under their modest tree, so it was waiting for them in the balcony. They went excited to open the balcony door and there it was, the green bicycle, with a big red bow. They immediately went down to the square to learn how to ride it. He was the oldest kid, so he learned fast and was the best of…

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