This is crazy creative. I am so impressed.

Chronicles of an Anglo Swiss

Cleaning cupboard 1Registered
Acme Miracle Cleaning Products Association
New Town Industrial Estate
Dear Sirs,

Lured by your super offer of a gleaming award for the perfect quality of my house floor cleaning, I decided to make an appointment with your floor cleaning salesmen to demonstrate your new apparatus for polishing wooden floors.

He arrived yesterday and said how lucky I was to be honoured with such a demonstration and I would definitely be satisfied with the results. I was so happy to have such a machine, as polishing and removing stains from my parquet flooring was becoming a difficult task. I was curious and even a little excited. At last a solution to a back breaking job of rubbing and polishing the wood to achieve a gloss on my somewhat dull flooring.

Your agent brought the machine into my living room and attached it to the electric supply with its plug…

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