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The topic generator is super open. I created it simply as a tool. Use it if it’s helpful to you. No need to share it here unless you want to.

Learn more here:

Based on some great advice I made this community, for those of you who do want to share what you use the topic generator to create.

If you do wish to share what you create, here’s a step by step guide:

  1. Go here to the page the topic generator is hosted on:
  2. Find a topic you like – either use the first prompt that pops up, part of said prompt, or click ‘generate topic’ until you find something that suits you. *The topic generator uses a code that randomly combines 1 adjective and 1 noun of all those entered – as of now there are over 1500 nouns, and just a few less adjectives. Because the combinations are random there will be some silly or nonsensical ones in there.*
  3. Write a post on your own blog, link back or share the link in a comment, here.
  4. -OR- Request to be an author of this site by filling out the form below. Once I get your request I will add you as an author. You will get a notification where you will have to accept said invite. Once you’re established as an author you can write as many posts directly to this site as you would like – right in the post editor of The advantage to this method is that when you publish your post, your author bio will automatically be at the bottom of the post, rather than my author bio. Upon publishing you will be listed under ‘authors’ in the sidebar as well (access the sidebar by pressing the ‘…’ in the top right corner of any page of this site). If you post your picture, piece of writing, etc. on topicgenerator, you can of course still post it on your personal site as well. It’s all about how you prefer working (more rules on being a site author here:
  5. If you prefer you can tag your post #topicgenerator so that others can follow the tag in the reader.

And that’s it. It may sound complicated, but it’s really not. Get a topic, respond to it, and post it however and whenever you like. If you have any questions feel free to ask in the comments below. We will figure this all out together.

Request to be a site author here: