What a turn that took. I adore your writing style. I became so involved with this character so quickly. Very well done.

Chronicles of an Anglo Swiss


The traffic lights were red. After five minutes she became impatient. Shall I go, or shall I wait? There was still a stream of traffic from the right and the left, although not as dense as it was and so she decided to wait. There must be a moment when the light would slide into amber and eventually green and then it would be all systems go.

She was still waiting and it now seemed that the road was empty. Shall I do it, press my foot on the gas pedal and take a chance? There was the sound of a police car in the distance, or was it an ambulance? There must be an accident somewhere. And the traffic lights remained red, she was forced to wait, but she had no time to wait, no time for dead signals. Slowly she saw a cyclist approaching on her road and…

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