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Chronicles of an Anglo Swiss

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Bahnhofstrasse, Solothurn

The local train was sitting at the station dreaming of becoming a big train: not just doing the same route every day, but going places and seeing things, just like the big trains at the railway station. There were black clouds gathering in the sky and a storm began. There was a crash and a terrific bang.

“Psst, wake up”

“Did someone say something?”

“Yes it was me”

The little train open its lights and remembered it was time to go, although the driver that was entering the train was not the usual smart uniformed driver. His face was white and bony, actually a skull and his clothing was not so clean. There were a few spiders spinning webs on the peak of the hat.”

“Who are you?”

“I am your driver of the day, just call me Travel.”

“OK Travel, but…

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