Thanks for the Smithsonian post, I look forward to playing around with it. And thanks for the kind words about my Prompt Generator. I’m sorry you’re getting frustrated with WordPress’ posts. I can surely understand that. I hope you find a new home in these topics.

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                                                         Fantastic FinishDSC08827                                          My Art Studio, nee Novelty Owing Ongoing

Last night I wrote my first prompt making use of Jennifer Nichole Wells’ new Prompt Generator. What the site does is issue you a two-word phrase consisting of an adjective and a noun. This then becomes the subject of your post. (Mine for today was Fantastic Finish). If you don’t like the prompt, just hit the button again as many times as you wish before you come to one that jiggles your creative button.

She has launched her site at a good time—when those of us who are relatively longtime daily bloggers are being met with repeat after repeat on the WordPress prompt site. At first I just tried to alter the prompt a bit or to take a different slant. Then I started just making a pingback to the earlier post or posts and choosing a completely different…

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